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Hire Dedicated React Native Developer

Are you looking to hire expert React Native developer for your next project to build iOS and Android applications? 3Brain Techonlogies provides React Native development services and provides cross platform mobile app solution with cost effective price. Our Highly experienced and dedicated React Native developers are committed to deliver you the perfect product for your…

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How Much Does it Cost to Create a Car Wash Mobile App?

Nowadays with a single click we  can book any service we want. The credit goes to On-demand economy. Well, if you think about car wash, it is also a part of On-demand economy. Car wash business is transformed due to Android and iOS devices. Accordingly to the research conducted, market for Car wash service is…

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Node.js Production Build Using Webpack 4

Recently, one of my clients wants to generate node.js production build that includes node_modules so he doesn’t need to run npm install on every server. Also he can distribute same build to his N number of customers servers. As this is deployed on multiple VM there is config.js file which will be going to read…

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