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Scheduled Database Backup And Upload to Google Drive using Node.js

In this article I am going to explain you how you can generate scheduled database backup and upload it to google drive using Node.js and Google apis.  We will use MongoDB as database to backup and will use Google Cloud to create Service Account. I am assuming that you might have knowledge about mongodump command and…

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How to Manage Sitemap for Large Website (E-Commerce type) that has 1000s of urls?

You might have worked with normal sitemap but have you ever worked with large websites that has hundreds of thousands of URLs in it. If not and if you are looking for solution for how to manage sitemap for large website e.g. then this blog post is for you.  Our client website is service…

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Custom drawer with react-navigation in react-native

I was working on a react-native app in which I used react-navigation for routing. React-navigation provides 3 different types of navigators – Stack, Tab, Drawer. I used all and they worked well except of Drawer. I faced some issues while integrating Drawer navigator. My app require to display drawer only in few pages but react-navigation drawer…

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Useful Modules for Any React-Native Application (iOS/Android)

Mobile app is growing at rapid pace so as it’s development frameworks. React native one of the such mobile app development frameworks which is growing at rapid pace because of it’s simplicity in development and having same syntax as in React.  React native is also a better option for mobile development because it supports npm modules natively…

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Integrate PayUMoney Payment Gateway In Node.js and Meteor.js

In 3Brain we keep exploring new things and keep sharing things with developers. This post will help you to integrate payumoney payment gateway integration in Node.js and Meteor.js. When we started integrating we have not found any node.js code from payumoney so we decided to study their PHP and code and implemented the same in…

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