Hire developers from India : Cost-Effective, High-Quality Results

3Brain Technologies is here to help. Our team of talented developers from India offers cost-effective and efficient solutions that are customized to meet your specific business needs. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality results that are both innovative and reliable.

gauranteed 160 hours

Gauranteed 160 Hours

direct access to developers

Direct Access to Developers

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Risk Free 2 weeks Trial

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Time Tracking Tool

Benefits of hiring a remote team

lower cost

Lower costs

Hiring remote developers can be more cost-effective than hiring in-house staff, saving you money.



You can hire developers for specific projects or on a part-time basis, giving you the freedom to manage your resources as needed.

reduce office

Reduced office space needs

Remote developers do not require an office space, helping you save on rent and other related expenses.

24/7 development

24/7 development

With remote developers, your project can be worked on continuously across multiple time zones.

no geographic restrictions

No geographic restrictions

You can hire the best developers from anywhere in the world, allowing you to build a team that fits your specific requirements.

greater focus on quality

Greater focus on quality

Remote developers often work in a more collaborative environment, resulting in a focus on producing high-quality work.

Why 3Brain Technologies is Your Best Bet

3Brain Technologies is the ideal partner for your software development needs. Our team of experienced developers from India offers top-quality and customized solutions at a cost-effective price. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative and reliable services that will help you reach your business objectives.

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We prioritize quality, ensuring that our work meets the highest standards of excellence.
We offer affordable pricing for our services, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.
We are committed to delivering projects on time, ensuring that you meet your deadlines.
We maintain clear and frequent communication with our clients, ensuring that everyone is on the same page throughout the development process.
We offer ongoing support and maintenance services, ensuring that your project runs smoothly long after its completion.
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Flexible and Affordable Hiring Developers Packages

At 3Brain Technologies, we offer flexible and cost-effective packages for hiring developers to suit your business needs. Whether you're looking to hire developers for a short-term project or a long-term partnership, our packages are designed to meet your specific requirements. Our pricing is transparent and affordable, so you can get the most value for your investment. Contact us to learn more about our hiring developers packages and pricing options.

  • Customized packages to fit your needs
  • Affordable and transparent pricing
  • No hidden fees or surprises
  • Short-term and long-term options available
hire dedicate
Hire frontend developers


Hourly (USD)

8 hrs/day & 160 hrs/month
Hire backend developers

$30 - $35

Hourly (USD)

8 hrs/day & 160 hrs/month
Hire fullstack developers


Hourly (USD)

8 hrs/day & 160 hrs/month
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Why You Should Consider Hiring an Agency Over a Freelancer

compare image
Agency Freelance
Skills Have a team of experts with diverse skill sets Typically specialized in one or a few skills
Expertise Can provide specialized knowledge and industry-specific experience May have limited industry-specific experience
Project Management Offer project management and quality control, ensuring that deliverables are completed on time and meet expectations May not have the same level of project management or quality control
Scalability Can quickly and easily scale resources to match project needs May have limited capacity to scale resources
Support Provide ongoing support and maintenance for completed projects May not provide ongoing support or maintenance
Accountability Take full accountability for project outcomes and are legally bound by contracts May not have the same level of accountability
compare image
While both agencies and freelancers have their own unique advantages, agencies tend to offer a wider range of services, specialized expertise, project management and quality control, scalability, ongoing support and maintenance, and greater accountability. These factors can be especially important for businesses looking to outsource critical projects and achieve high-quality results.
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Our Work Portfolio



When it comes to premium paints and stains for your home, we have set the standard for excellence. We manufacture our own resins and proprietary Gennex® colorants, which deliver superior performance and application properties in every product. Paired with our incomparable selection of authentic colors, our products are formulated to help you achieve beautiful, lasting results every time you paint.

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Scale+ is a platform to find innovative solutions through the power of crowdsourcing. It provide a two-sided platform where clients design challenges around problems they need to be solved, and our solvers work to come up with a solution and win the prize.

On average, challenges run between 2 to 4 months. Some of the more technical challenges can run for much longer.

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scale plus
My Property Card

My Property Card

My Property Card is a digital version of documents management of the property owner as well as Developer/Builder.

My Property Card is providing a complete solution to maintaining all documents. It saves all documents on a cloud with full proof of security. So whenever users (Builder, Flat Owner) want their documents they just need to login to the app and download the documents from the web app.

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property card


Delmonte is a website for avocados pricing, demand and supply in different countries.

There are three different types of dashboards which include information about pricing, demand and supply of avocados. In each there are multiple pages which include multiple graphs and tables with the accurate data from the real world so users can easily understand the market of avocados.

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Capifly is a website for multiple companies who can add multiple applications and demand money as debt, there are multiple stages of an application and admin can switch the stages.

There are two versions one is for admin and one for a particular company, as a company you want to debt some money then you can contact capifly and they will add your company in the admin panel then you will receive credentials and then you can visit to your own dashboard and can create an application for asking money from capifly for that particular process you need to upload some documents too, once you upload your application capifly admin will check it and respond it and will change the status and if everything is well then you will receive amount.

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Technology Faq

frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of client queries regarding hiring developers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Hiring remote developers from 3Brain Technologies has several advantages. First, 3Brain Technologies has a large pool of highly skilled and experienced developers who can provide cost-effective solutions to businesses looking to build or expand their digital products. Second, 3Brain Technologies' remote developers work in different time zones, providing round-the-clock support and faster turnaround times. Third, businesses can save on overhead costs associated with hiring in-house developers, such as office space, equipment, and benefits. Fourth, businesses can scale their remote development team up or down as needed, without the hassle of hiring or laying off employees. Lastly, businesses can tap into the diverse skill sets of 3Brain Technologies' developers to build complex and innovative solutions that might not be possible with a limited in-house team.

3Brain Technologies has a rigorous screening process to ensure that they hire only the best talent. The process includes a technical assessment, a review of the candidate's portfolio and work history, and a series of interviews. The technical assessment evaluates the candidate's programming skills and knowledge, and the interview assesses the candidate's communication, problem-solving, and team collaboration skills. The company also checks the candidate's references and performs a background check before making an offer.

Yes, businesses can customize their remote development team based on their project requirements. 3Brain Technologies has a large pool of developers with diverse skills and experience, including web development, mobile app development, UI/UX design, DevOps, and more. Businesses can choose developers with the specific skills they need and build a remote team tailored to their project requirements.

The cost of hiring remote developers from 3Brain Technologies depends on several factors, such as the number of developers needed, their skill level, and the length of the project. However, 3Brain Technologies offers competitive rates for their remote development services, and businesses can save up to 60% compared to hiring in-house developers.

3Brain Technologies offers effective communication and collaboration tools, such as Skype, Google Chat, and Slack, to facilitate seamless coordination between businesses and their remote development team. The company provides access to video conferencing facilities to enable virtual face-to-face meetings, project management software to track and manage project progress, and messaging platforms to maintain continuous communication. Moreover, a dedicated project manager is assigned to each project who acts as the primary point of contact between the business and the development team, streamlining the communication process and ensuring timely delivery of project milestones.

3Brain Technologies has successfully completed a wide range of projects, including web development, mobile app development, e-commerce solutions, custom software development, UI/UX design, and more. The company has worked with clients from various industries, including healthcare, finance, e-commerce, education, and more.

3Brain Technologies takes security and data privacy seriously and has several measures in place to ensure the protection of their clients' data. The company signs a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with each client to ensure that their data is kept confidential. 3Brain Technologies also implements strict access controls and protocols to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the client's data. The company also follows industry best practices to secure their servers and network infrastructure.

At 3Brain Technologies, remote developers possess expertise in various technologies such as React, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, Next.js and Meteor.js. They have experience working across different domains like healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and social networking, and developing both front-end and back-end solutions. The developers also have knowledge of different databases, including MySQL, MongoDB, and SQLServer. They undergo a rigorous screening process that assesses their technical skills, experience, and communication skills to ensure quality work.

The time it takes for 3Brain Technologies to provide you with a remote development team depends on various factors, such as the size of the team, the complexity of the project, and your specific requirements. However, the company strives to provide its clients with a dedicated team of remote developers as quickly as possible. Typically, 3Brain Technologies can provide a remote development team within a few weeks of receiving your requirements. The company's recruitment process is designed to find the right talent and quickly onboard them onto your project, and once the team is assembled, they can start working on your project immediately.

To ensure that you're getting the best value for your money when hiring a web developer, you should consider factors such as their experience, technical skills, portfolio, communication skills, project management skills, and cost. Experienced web developers tend to have a better understanding of project requirements and can deliver high-quality work. It's also essential to ensure that the web developer has the necessary technical skills and experience in the technology stack required for your project. Additionally, their portfolio can provide valuable insights into their past work, design aesthetics, and coding standards. Effective communication and project management skills are crucial to ensure that the web developer understands your requirements, provides regular updates, and delivers the project on time and within budget.

Hiring a web development agency in India can offer benefits such as cost-effectiveness, access to a large pool of talented developers, quality work, and a favorable time zone. Web development agencies in India typically offer competitive rates for their services, making it an affordable option for clients. India also has a large pool of talented developers with expertise in various technologies, providing clients with access to a diverse range of skills and experience. Additionally, web development agencies in India prioritize delivering high-quality work, meeting project requirements, and providing regular updates. India's time zone also works to the advantage of clients in other parts of the world, as it allows for overlap in work hours, making communication and collaboration more manageable.