myAkaunt is accounting app, created for any business in the world. This app is created so generic that it can be used for personal use as well.

Using myAkaunt app, you can manage customer’s credit-debit entries easily. You can manage your customers detail and their ledger accounts. Also, you can send customer ledger report to their email, Whatsapp or through any kind of sharing options available in mobile within the app.

Moreover, this app is not limited to customer’s transactions only, business owners can add their merchants and can manage transactions with their merchants.

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Kartumi is a loyalty application that is designed to make you a lot of interesting gifts at your favorite places!

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Mobile App which helps you find right life partner.


Get an overview of everything around your car! OBI+ connects your car to the internet to provide you with a worry free experience.
Whether you want to track the expenses around your car, stay informed of your car’s performance and driving stats, or want your car to become part of your digital life, OBI+ is the app for you.

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You will be at the right place at the right time, with last minute deals from your area’s merchants.

MOMENT allows merchants in your area to get in touch with you to enjoy last minute deals. Whether it’s liquidation of perishable items rather than discarding them, filling in the last remaining spots a few moments before the start of an event or just to make you benefit from deals that are worth the detour, traders using MOMENT will surprise you!