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Enhance your business productivity with our affordable yet reliable software maintenance services.

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We at 3Brain Technologies provides Best software maintenance & Support services that include bug-fixing to long-term application maintenance support.

Because In today’s competitive tech-driven economy software maintenance and real-time support services is a clever way to modernize software systems in a cost-effective, efficient way. Our software maintenance and services goal is to “create new value from existing applications”.

We have various possibilities available for you to implement modernization:

Migration – Cost-effective way to modernize software system in an efficient way

Re-engineering – Rebuild applications to new platform with elevated functionality like Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Re-hosting – Moving applications to an altogether new platform without major changes. 3Brain Technologies help in software maintenance and support with real-time support services. Following are the core part of the process


Making your site the way you dreamed it

Package implementation: Our package implementation portfolio Restores legacy applications in short time frame and develops modifications to meet the unique needs of the organization. In case of large systems assessment and preparation require modular transformation, its implementation, and re-architecting strategies. We take good care while handling the interdependencies with and between modules, which is quite complex.

In today’s world, people visit many websites daily. To build an informative, attractive and engaging webpage we consider several factors to plan for success. Once the planning is done, we start with the foundation using HTML, XML, CSS tools to build the foundation. Our efficient core JavaScript developer team unlocks a vast amount of extra functionality like dynamically creating HTML and setting CSS styles, manipulating a video stream and generating 3D graphics and audio samples. This makes an interactive site.

We know, not everybody is able to pay for a license for a code editor, that’s why we love Open Source. We have well-integrated development environments for JavaScript which enables the convenient environment to code, edit, debug and test web applications. So the user enjoys a website even when they are offline, highly responsive interface which improves user experience and dynamic functionality


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