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Custom drawer with react-navigation in react-native

I was working on a react-native app in which I used react-navigation for routing. React-navigation provides 3 different types of navigators – Stack, Tab, Drawer. I used all and they worked well except of Drawer. I faced some issues while integrating Drawer navigator. My app require to display drawer only in few pages but react-navigation drawer…

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Integrate Heap, Segment, Branch in Meteor Application

Heap Integration Step 1: Open http://www.heapanalytics.com and signup for new account. Step 2: Now go to https://heapanalytics.com/app/account and find your API Code to use in your Javascript source code. When you go live make sure you have production key option selected. Step 3: Place this code in your javascript as shown below. <script type = “text/javascript” > window.heap =…

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Create Native Mobile App using React Native & Redux

Since last few months we have started exploring React Native and Redux for mobile app development and we found this tech stack very impressive. React it self is very powerful technology and React Native is layer above Native mobile app libraries so using React native you can create Native like app. Though you are not writing…

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