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How to Manage Sitemap for Large Website (E-Commerce type) that has 1000s of urls?

You might have worked with normal sitemap but have you ever worked with large websites that has hundreds of thousands of URLs in it. If not and if you are looking for solution for how to manage sitemap for large website e.g. Amazon.com then this blog post is for you.  Our client website Bidnfix.com is service…

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Useful Modules for Any React-Native Application (iOS/Android)

Mobile app is growing at rapid pace so as it’s development frameworks. React native one of the such mobile app development frameworks which is growing at rapid pace because of it’s simplicity in development and having same syntax as in React.  React native is also a better option for mobile development because it supports npm modules natively…

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Create Native Mobile App using React Native & Redux

Since last few months we have started exploring React Native and Redux for mobile app development and we found this tech stack very impressive. React it self is very powerful technology and React Native is layer above Native mobile app libraries so using React native you can create Native like app. Though you are not writing…

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