5 Qualities of Great React Native App Developer Companies

Last updated on 29 Jan, 2023

When searching for a React Native app development company, there are certain qualities you should look for. From excellent communication skills to knowledge in native mobile app development, having the right provider is crucial when creating an engaging, multi-platform product. This article outlines 5 key qualities to look for in a top-notch React Native application development company.

1. Proven Track Record with the React Native Framework

Before partnering with a React Native development company, scrutinize their portfolio. Take the time to understand their experience and expertise in developing mobile apps with the React Native framework. Ask questions like: Does the development firm have any existing examples of React Native applications they’ve built? Have they had successful customer stories that utilize the framework? Do they specialize in creating high-performing products on different platforms? All of this information can give you a better idea of what the company is capable of achieving.

2. Ability to Work Across ALL Mobile Platforms

When building an app with React Native, the code can be shared across platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows) which makes it more cost-effective than if you had to hire separate companies for each platform. Today’s best mobile app developer companies ensure that their teams have the experience and capability to develop apps for any platform using this powerful framework. An experienced React Native development company should save you time and money from having to build several native applications for different operating systems.

When interviewing a potential React Native development company, ask detailed questions to check their expertise and level of capability related to mobile app development. Find out their team’s experience with the product and how long they have been working with it as well as more general information such as whether or not they keep up to date on the latest trends in mobile technology. Knowledge of modern programming languages (ReactJS, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3) is also important to ensure that your app looks great on every platform. A good React Native development company will also be able to provide technical solutions for any requirements you may have, including notifications, analytics and push notifications. With these considerations in mind you can make sure that you hire a top-notch mobile app development company who will use this powerful framework to its fullest potential!

3. Understands the native device API

Most great React Native mobile app development companies will have experience working with the native device API. This means that the company can leverage certain features of the host device, such as camera, location services, Bluetooth and NFC integration. Understanding this allows for a better user experience and performance when navigating around the app. Great React Native app development companies are able to work with both the Android and iOS environments, providing an easier transition for any updates to the app. They should also be familiar with the language(s) that accompany native development, such as Java and Swift. This will ensure that all of the components of the React Native app can run smoothly, as well as troubleshoot any issues that arise quickly. With a full understanding of native device API and its integration process, a great developer will be able to create an optimal user experience without compromising on performance or stability of the app.

4. Experienced and Skilled Developers

React native developers should have a deep understanding of the platform and its components. This includes an understanding of how to develop an app from scratch, including styling it with popular libraries and frameworks such as Redux, MobX and Flux. They should also be proficient in version control systems such as GIT, RESTful APIs and application programming interfaces (APIs), debugging tools, UI/UX design principles, testing processes and more. In short, they should be able to build robust apps that perform well on all device platforms.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Working with a React Native app developer company should be cost-effective. It’s important to find a company that provides quality services at an affordable price, as well as the flexibility to work within your budget. Good companies will also offer package deals and discounts for regular clients or bulk orders. Cost-effectiveness is especially important when you’re trying to develop an app quickly and efficiently.

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