How Much Does it Cost to Create a Car Wash Mobile App?

Last updated on 25 Jan, 2023

Nowadays with a single click we  can book any service we want. The credit goes to On-demand economy.

Well, if you think about car wash, it is also a part of On-demand economy. Car wash business is transformed due to Android and iOS devices.

Accordingly to the research conducted, market for Car wash service is going to expand in upcoming years. People choose to demand cleaning services using their mobile. Having a mobile application for car wash helps service providers and car washing industries to serve their customer in better way. On demand car wash mobile app allows users to book appointment easily and choose the service they want at any place.

Car wash industries now searching for best mobile app development companies to build app for their business considering the future of on demand economy to grow business and retain their customers.
Car wash business in UAS only has grown a lot that shows in the given graph.

Revenue of Car wash industries in United States from 2020 to 2030.

Car wash app revenue

As per the studies UAE and Middle East are the most superior for the car wash app development business.

On demand car wash serves differently in different part of the globe but some of the features are most common for all. So let’s see features those should be in car wash application.

Core Features of a Car wash Mobile application

Customer Mobile Application

Login / Signup
User can create account and validate their mobile number and email id. The app should also enable user to sign up using social media.

Select car type
The app allows user to select car type and based on that he can see the cost for car wash or for other services.

Select car wash packages /services
Customers care select any packages available for car wash those are configured via service providers.

Select location / address
Customers can select address or location to avail car wash service.

Payment integration
Online payment can be made using credit/debit card.

Order status
Customers can see status for entire car wash process till its finishes.

Admin Panel Features

Manage registered users
Admin can see all the registered users on the application and manage their details.

Package management
As an admin you can manage different packages for users to select. He can add multiple services with their cost.

Process orders
Admin can manage orders placed via mobile application and manage their status. Admin can accept/reject orders.

Payment History
Payment history will be visible to admin according to the location and selected date criteria.

Withdraw funds
Admin case transfer the funds from the portal to his bank account.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Car Wash App?

Well it’s difficult to quote exact cost as it depends on the platform you choose to build car wash application, designs, additional features etc.
If you are selecting React Native platform to create car wash app it will cost around $20000 and that will include both iOS and Android application.

It’s better to contact us to know exact Car wash app development cost as per your business needs. We are a leading Mobile application development company with official partners in Dubai, UAE and development center in India. We have expertise in Mobile application development and that will help you to get your car wash business to next level.

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