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Meet breast cancer patients and survivors who matter to you Share ideas to live better and enjoy success stories. Enjoy your progress in your cancer-free journey.

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This app is the main point of data entry for operators who are part of the Navace asset management system. Users can create pre-starts and submit incident reports to manage equipment.

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Fabyouless is the UK’s largest beauty discount card featuring 25% savings at thousands of beauty, hair, spa and fitness locations across the UK providing you with everything to make you look good and feel great!

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Get Parking Easy

Are you looking mobile app development company in india for parking mobile application? Install Get parking easy Android/iOS mobile application in your device and save your time in finding parking space.

Get parking easy is an Android and iOS Mobile Application that allows users to rent private parking spaces like driveways, carport or garage on a daily basis and save time

Guaranteed parking spot – Stop driving around in circles, Parking illegally, and paying high garage rates.

Tired of tickets, running late for meetings or having to park ten minutes away from your destination download our convenient and hassle free parking mobile application

Open this iOS /Android mobile application in your device first sign up than get direction to see path to reach the parking space. Once when you reach check in to the parking space in your mobile application and when you leave check out.


Try out our Get Parking Easy iOS /Android app today!!!!

  • NodeJS
  • React Native
  • ReactJS

Al Falasi

A charitable, non-profit application to donate seedlings to encourage agriculture and support members. The recipient of the research in the app and in case of wanting to acquire the plant, he goes to the site to take the plant and deducts the plant from the app.

Even user can add the plants he wants to donate by adding photo and the quantity of the plants. That plant will be displayed in the listing for other users who want to acquire the plants.

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eKYC app for Ahli. Collect data step by step from the users. Scan their original document and video verification of user.

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myAkaunt is accounting app, created for any business in the world. This app is created so generic that it can be used for personal use as well.

Using myAkaunt app, you can manage customer’s credit-debit entries easily. You can manage your customers detail and their ledger accounts. Also, you can send customer ledger report to their email, Whatsapp or through any kind of sharing options available in mobile within the app.

Moreover, this app is not limited to customer’s transactions only, business owners can add their merchants and can manage transactions with their merchants.

  • React Native


GuruSangeet is a technology platform that makes the music teaching or learning very intuitive.

GuruSangeet enables educators to scale their teaching by allowing them to efficiently define the curriculum, quickly record the lessons, securely share the lessons to the learners.

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