Top 20 Must Have Meteor Packages

Last updated on 25 Jan, 2023
  1. Application Routes - iron:router

    Iron router is there for all your routing needs whether on client or on server. It has all the standard features which you can use in any kind of application. You can use any middleware on server or check for user logged in before each route access. It is tightly coupled with blaze templating language so if you are using blaze as templating language in your meteor project then iron router is best bet. Only con which I come across is no reactiveness in route.

              meteor add iron:router 
  2. Flow Router - kadira:flow-router, kadira:blaze-layout 

    If you need package only for client side routing then flow router should be your first choice because of its reactiveness on route. As stated in official git repo “It does not handle rendering itself”. Meaning, you will require to use package depending upon templating engine you have in your app. For blaze you will need to install blaze-layout package. It works great with reactjs as well.

                    Install: meteor add kadira:flow-router
                    Install: meteor add kadira:blaze-layout
  3. Roles and Password - Alanning:roles

    This package lets you attach permissions to a user which you can then check against later when deciding whether to grant access to Meteor methods or publish data. The core concept is very simple, essentially you are attaching strings to a user object and then checking for the existence of those strings later. In some sense, it is very similar to tags on blog posts. This package provides helper methods to make the process of adding, removing, and verifying those permissions easier.

                      Install: meteor add alanning:roles
  4. Database Schema - Aldeed:collection2

    A Meteor package that allows you to attach a schema to a Mongo.Collection. Automatically validates against that schema when inserting and updating from client or server code.

    For version above 1.4.x please refer git repo for latest collection2 version.

                    Install: meteor add aldeed:collection2
                    git: (New repo)
  5. Twbs:bootstrap - Twitter Bootstrap

    Does this package need any explaination? :-). This package should be there if your application UI framework is bootstrap.

                    Install: meteor add twbs:bootstrap
  6. Subscription Manager - meteorhacks:subs-manager

    This is a general-purpose subscriptions manager for Meteor. You can use Subscription Manager to cache subscriptions in the client side. This will help you to reduce the CPU usage of your app and improve the client side experience. Meteor won't need to re-send data that's already in the client. This package will surely increase your app performance.

                    Install: meteor add meteorhacks:subs-manager
  7. jQuery DataTable - aldeed:tabular

    This package is wrapper of jQuery DataTable plugin in an efficient way, allowing you to display the contents of enormous collections without impacting app performance. You will get filter, sort, column show hide, template based column rendering and many more table related features to display data. Choose this package if your templating lang is Blaze.

                    Install: meteor add aldeed:tabular
  8. Form Validation - amr:parsley.js, themeteorchef:jquery-validation

    There are lot of form validation libraries but I would like to go it parsley or jquery depending upon your comfort level. Both seems good choice and you can go it any.

                    Install: meteor add amr:parsley.js
                    Install: meteor add themeteorchef:jquery-validation
  9. Date Picker - Tsega:bootstrap3-datetimepicker, gilbertwat:bootstrap3-daterangepicker

    In any project, datepicker or date range selection is most common need if date input is involved in your form. This is purely a bootstrap based date picker so use it in your project if you can add bootstrap lib in your project. Refer git repo to see how will it look like in page.

                    Install: meteor add tsega:bootstrap3-datetimepicker
                    Install: meteor add tsega:bootstrap3-datetimepicker
  10. Admin Theme - mfactory:admin-lte

    Admin LTE is very user friendly admin theme for any web app which are based on bootstrap UI. ReactJs version of AdminLTE is also available in git so you can use that as well for ReactJs based project. AdminLTE is fully responsive so you don’t need to worry about mobile friendliness anymore.

                    Install: meteor add mfactory:admin-lte
  11. Altapp:recaptcha

    Google's reCAPTCHA is a free CAPTCHA service that protects your site against spam, malicious registrations and other forms of attacks where computers try to disguise themselves as a human. In addition to protecting your site, reCAPTCHA also helps digitize old books and newspapers.

    To generate recapcha keys you will need to create app at

    Once you do that just install this package

                    Install: meteor add altapp:recaptcha
  12. Application Messages - themeteorchef:bert , mrt:flash-messages

    You will often need a beautiful alert or flash messages to show success, error or warning or for anything. Bert alert is my first choice in this category as it is very intuitive and looks great on any web page. If you wish to show message at specific section of your web page then I would recommend you go with flash messages package. Both are good for different purpose and looks great on page.

                    Install: meteor add themeteorchef:bert
                    Install: meteor add mrt:flash-messages
  13. Performance Monitoring - Meteorhacks:kadira

    To monitor performance of your application in dashboard you will need tool like Kadira. It’s absolutely free. You just need to create app and you will get secret keys for your app which you will need to configure in your app and rest will take care by kadira plugin. It’s very powerful tool even to see server side errors. Monitor your web app with ease.

                    Install: meteor add meteorhacks:kadira
  14. Fortawesome:fontawesome

    Font awesome is still the first choice for font icon need. If you are new to this then do visit to know more about font awesome font library.

                    Install: meteor add meteorhacks:kadira
  15. Ajduke:bootstrap-tokenfield

    A jQuery tagging / tokenizer input plugin for Twitter's Bootstrap, by the guys from Sliptree. To see how it look like visit web page.

                    Install: meteor add ajduke:bootstrap-tokenfield
  16. Jiku:bootstrap-toggle

    In your UI convert checkbox into beautiful toggle switch using this plugin. This package is applicable only if you are using bootstrap as your UI framework. To see it in action visit To install it in meteor

                    Install: meteor add Jiku:bootstrap-toggle
  17. momentjs:moment

    In your app if you are dealing with date then you must have moment package installed. Using moment.js you can parse, manipulate and format date very easily. Apart from this, it has beautiful date library which you can use to compare date depending upon your use case.

                    Install: meteor add momentjs:moment
  18. SEO - manuelschoebel:ms-seo

    SEO is major concern for any new framework and meteor js is not an exception here. If you see source of any meteor page you will find only scripts and css inclusion with empty body tag. Thanks to package like MS-SEO we can add title, meta and your app will be treated as web app. To know about this package read official blog post by it’s author.

                    Install: meteor add manuelschoebel:ms-seo
  19. Meteorhacks:fast-render

    Fast Render can improve the initial load time of your app, giving you 2-10 times faster initial page loads. It provides the same effect as Server Side Rendering (SSR), but still sends data over the wire to avoid breaking one of Meteor’s core principles.

                    Install: meteor add meteorhacks:fast-render
  20. Jcbernack:reactive-aggregate, monbro:mongodb-mapreduce-aggregation

    To develop any dashboard metrics or chart in any web app you will often require to aggregate data and in meteor you can easily accomplish the same using below mentioned packages. You will require 2 package for this. One is MapReduce as an aggregation framework and second is for reative-aggregate for reactive behaviour in case of data changes in backend.

                    Install: meteor add monbro:mongodb-mapreduce-aggregation
                    Install: meteor add jcbernack:reactive-aggregate


All of the above packages we have practically used in our client's application and we have good experience with all of them.

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