We know, not everybody is able to pay for a license for a code editor, that's why we love Open Source. We have good integrated development environments for JavaScript which enables convenient environment to code, edit, debug and test web applications.

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Capifly is a website for multiple companies who can add multiple applications and demand money as debt, there are multiple stages of an application and admin can switch the stages.

There are two versions one is for admin and one for a particular company, as a company you want to debt some money then you can contact capifly and they will add your company in the admin panel then you will receive credentials and then you can visit to your own dashboard and can create an application for asking money from capifly for that particular process you need to upload some documents too, once you upload your application capifly admin will check it and respond it and will change the status and if everything is well then you will receive amount.

  • VueJS
  • Django


OKR is a project management tool. It allows you to track down projects of any industry.

In this system, the user will register his/her company with the system and according to their company, a subdomain will be created with their company name.

  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS


The system is going to be used by Kenyan school children and parents to assist them in selecting University courses from the grades they get in school.

  • ReactJS


Cube is a dynamic, single-page application with responsive design.

This app handles six core functionalities given below.

  1. Service desk management
  2. Service desk management
  3. Asset management
  4. Knowledge management
  5. Project management
  6. People management
  7. Sales management
  • Meteor
  • react


Bid&Fix helps you to contact local Pest control providers in 99628 and get the best offers for maintenance, rehab and repair jobs

  • react


SubsDirect provides intuitive staffing solutions to improve the way both schools and teachers interact in case of misadventure.

  • Meteor
  • PSD to HTML
  • PSD design


Adsplz is a digital marketing platform with whose help you can make money from home and where people can earn online effortlessly and in continuity. Among hundreds of ways to make money online, Adsplz is one of the best and the topmost platforms available in India that lets its site visitors earn continuously and easily.

Adsplz has services for the advertisers too. If you are an advertising company or you are interested in putting up an ad, all you got to do is to get registered yourself on this plateform.

  • Meteor

Magic 7

The Magic 7 CSR Summit is an annual national conference held to provide 7 solutions to the 7 problems of 7 key areas, as highlighted in the different areas underlined in the Schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013. This Summit is a flagship event organized by Wockhardt Foundation in collaboration with India CSR.

  • Meteor